Q&A : The Hilarious Magic Act

Q: How long is the Hilarious Magic Act?
A: One great show, three convenient lengths! 45 or 60 minutes is the most popular choice by event planners. If you’re tight on time, Sam can condense his act into a terrific 30-minute performance as well. The production fee is the same, regardless of length.

Q: Is the show during or after dinner?
A: Because Sam's show is highly-interactive, it's best if he performs after-dinner so people can participate without suffering through cold mashed potatoes.

Q: What do you mean by audience participation?
A: Don’t worry, Sam won’t be sawing anyone in half. Throughout the performance, guests can volunteer to help Sam juggle large knives, strap him in a strait jacket, and defy gravity!

Q: I can’t afford to offend any of my clientele. Will the comedy embarrass or offend anyone?
A: Sam guarantees a 100% squeaky-clean performance. He’s perfected a hilarious comedy routine that leaves everyone laughing, and nobody blushing. His ingeniously silly humor is appropriate and accessible to people from all walks of life. You can rest assured that even your most conservative guests will have a rip-roaring good time.

Q: Is Mingle Magic included in the Hilarious Magic Act package?
A: You bet it is! Anyone who books the Hilarious Magic Act automatically gets 30-minutes of Mingle Magic as well. But we’re totally flexible. If you aren’t hosting a cocktail reception, you can always opt-out of Mingle Magic.

Q: What’s a typical event timeline look like?
A: In our experience, the following timeline is ideal for hosting cocktails, dinner, and a show:

2:00 PM - Sam Pearce and one Theatrical Technician arrive to set-up equipment
6:00 PM - Event Begins - Cocktails & Mingle Magic
7:00 PM - Welcoming Message/Speeches
7:10 PM - Dinner is served
8:30 PM - Feature Entertainment - Sam Pearce's Hilarious Magic Act
9:30 PM - Cocktails (end the party here or keep it going until midnight by hiring a DJ)

Following the show, our team discreetly dismantles the sound equipment, lighting, and stage curtains over the course of two hours. We stay out of the way while your guests keep partying!

Q: What does the All-Inclusive Service actually include?

A: High-Quality Equipment:
Crystal-clear sound, theatrical lighting, stage curtains, and everything in between. We know exactly what we need and use only the best. All we ask is for the venue to supply the stage: 20 feet (6m) wide by 12' (3.6m) deep.

Expert Technicians:
We begin setting-up four hours before your event, and tear down within two hours following the performance. Quick, discreet, efficient—we pack up while your guests continue to party!

Incredible Savings:
Hiring an outside AV company would cost over $1500 in rental fees and labor rates. Book Sam for exceptional value at a great price. Impress your boss with huge budgetary savings, while you luxuriate in the sweet, sweet bliss of a finished to-do list.

Q&A : Mingle Magic

Q: Is Mingle Magic, you know, cheesy?
A: Great concern. There’s a fine line between funny magician and cheeseball in a suit. Good thing Sam’s been in the business for over 15 years and understands the importance of rapport. He’s an intuitive entertainer with a warm, friendly charm that puts people instantly at ease. He has a quick and hilarious wit, so every cocktail hour is as unique as the guests who attend it. Mingle Magic has proven time and again to be one of the best ways to help people break the ice naturally, and create a truly memorable event.

Q: How many guests can Sam entertain?
A: Sam walks around and mingles with your guests as they stand with cocktails or sit chatting around dinner tables. He performs for small groups of people for two-five minutes at a time.

While performing, Sam takes note of other curious guests starting to watch, and expertly draws them into the performance. Watch his groups grow from two to ten! With this intuitive and personable approach, Sam can amuse and amaze around 70 guests each hour.

Q: I’m doing a small event. Is it possible to just book Mingle Magic on its own?
A: Of course! Sam’s a magician after all—everything’s possible! Hire Sam to perform Mingle Magic anytime, anywhere. Cocktail receptions, trade shows, VIP suites, and office parties. You name it, and Sam’s there!

Still have questions?

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